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Diego Delso pocoapocowiki en gmail.com
Mar Jun 7 20:26:07 UTC 2016

Hola a todos,

Romaine, uno de los principales organizadores de WLM me ha escrito el
mensaje de abajo. Yo ya le he dicho que algo así lo veo difícil (falta de
rescursos), pero quizás se os ocurre alguna forma de poder ayudar con esto.


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From: Romaine Wiki <romaine.wiki en gmail.com>
Date: 2016-06-06 19:32 GMT+02:00
Subject: Wiki Loves Monuments in Spain
To: Diego Poco a poco <pocoapocowiki en gmail.com>

Hi Diego,

How are you doing?

We spoke at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin about the organisation of Wiki
Loves Monuments
<https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2016> in
your country. There you indicated that you want to organise Wiki Loves
Monuments. Be welcome!

Wiki Loves Monuments has as goal to collect all the monuments in the world
on Wikipedia. Therefore we this year especially like to put extra focus on
those areas in the world with no chapter, with no local organising team,
but with monuments. Those monuments are often not yet listed on Wikipedia.
That is why we ask this year the experienced teams/chapters to adopt an
area in the world that is not yet covered with Wiki Loves Monuments. See
the missing areas at:
It would be great if the Spanish team could make sure that the monuments
from the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are listed on Wikipedia and
linked on the continent pages of

Also it would be great if you could help by listing the monuments in
Central America on the Spanish Wikipedia and/or have them listed on the
overview page on Commons. Also it would be great if you and your team could
help users from countries in Central America to set up their local Wiki
Loves Monuments contest.

Can you help?

Feel free to forward this e-mail.

A few practical things:

* More information about the organisation can be found at:

* We will provide a banner above Wikipedia (CentralNotice) and a
specialised upload wizard for your country. You create a website or a page
at Wikipedia or Commons about the local contest with the rules, how people
can participate, jury and prizes. A nice example:

* If you need a grant, please submit it before the end of June to the
Wikimedia Grantmaking team: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Start

* If you have problems with financing your local contest, the international
team will have funds to provide you a back-up if other ways would fail.

* We also would be happy if you could endorse the grant request from the
international Wiki Loves Monuments team at:

* One part of Wiki Loves Monuments is to make our cultural heritage visible
in Wikipedia. This we do with photos, but also with articles: list(s) of
monuments on Wikipedia.
If you have already lists of monuments in your area on Wikipedia, please
make sure they are listed here:
If you do not have lists of (official?) cultural monuments from your area,
please try to find information about them and create those overviews on
Wikipedia. (We can help with that.)

Also: if you already have lists in a non-English language, please translate
them also to English.

* What else can you do?
Have special attention for those areas/monuments with a limited number of
photos are available! How can we make sure all monuments have a photo on
Organise photo tours (Wiki Takes...) See:
Organise Wikipedia writing sessions (edit-a-thons)

* If you have any questions or need help?
Contact us!

Perhaps see you at Wikimania!


international organiser of Wiki Loves Monuments
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