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Mar Jun 7 20:34:03 UTC 2016

Pues yo también lo veo complicado. :(

El 7 de junio de 2016 22:26:07 CEST, Diego Delso <pocoapocowiki en gmail.com> escribió:
>Hola a todos,
>Romaine, uno de los principales organizadores de WLM me ha escrito el
>mensaje de abajo. Yo ya le he dicho que algo así lo veo difícil (falta
>rescursos), pero quizás se os ocurre alguna forma de poder ayudar con
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>From: Romaine Wiki <romaine.wiki en gmail.com>
>Date: 2016-06-06 19:32 GMT+02:00
>Subject: Wiki Loves Monuments in Spain
>To: Diego Poco a poco <pocoapocowiki en gmail.com>
>Hi Diego,
>How are you doing?
>We spoke at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin about the organisation
>of Wiki
>Loves Monuments
>your country. There you indicated that you want to organise Wiki Loves
>Monuments. Be welcome!
>Wiki Loves Monuments has as goal to collect all the monuments in the
>on Wikipedia. Therefore we this year especially like to put extra focus
>those areas in the world with no chapter, with no local organising
>but with monuments. Those monuments are often not yet listed on
>That is why we ask this year the experienced teams/chapters to adopt an
>area in the world that is not yet covered with Wiki Loves Monuments.
>the missing areas at:
>It would be great if the Spanish team could make sure that the
>from the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are listed on Wikipedia and
>linked on the continent pages of
>Also it would be great if you could help by listing the monuments in
>Central America on the Spanish Wikipedia and/or have them listed on the
>overview page on Commons. Also it would be great if you and your team
>help users from countries in Central America to set up their local Wiki
>Loves Monuments contest.
>Can you help?
>Feel free to forward this e-mail.
>A few practical things:
>* More information about the organisation can be found at:
>* We will provide a banner above Wikipedia (CentralNotice) and a
>specialised upload wizard for your country. You create a website or a
>at Wikipedia or Commons about the local contest with the rules, how
>can participate, jury and prizes. A nice example:
>* If you need a grant, please submit it before the end of June to the
>Wikimedia Grantmaking team:
>* If you have problems with financing your local contest, the
>team will have funds to provide you a back-up if other ways would fail.
>* We also would be happy if you could endorse the grant request from
>international Wiki Loves Monuments team at:
>* One part of Wiki Loves Monuments is to make our cultural heritage
>in Wikipedia. This we do with photos, but also with articles: list(s)
>monuments on Wikipedia.
>If you have already lists of monuments in your area on Wikipedia,
>make sure they are listed here:
>If you do not have lists of (official?) cultural monuments from your
>please try to find information about them and create those overviews on
>Wikipedia. (We can help with that.)
>Also: if you already have lists in a non-English language, please
>them also to English.
>* What else can you do?
>Have special attention for those areas/monuments with a limited number
>photos are available! How can we make sure all monuments have a photo
>Organise photo tours (Wiki Takes...) See:
>Organise Wikipedia writing sessions (edit-a-thons)
>* If you have any questions or need help?
>Contact us!
>Perhaps see you at Wikimania!
>international organiser of Wiki Loves Monuments
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